Latest developments on the Park First investment scandal

As regular readers will be aware, I have been keeping any interested investors who were subject to the Park First investment scam abreast of developments in the situation based on news from the UK.

Last week, news came to light that the Financial Conduct Authority, the UKs’ financial regulator, were close to agreeing a settlement on the Park First scandal with the owners of the outfit.

Financial Vulnerability

An ageing population and the COVID pandemic brought attention to the topic of Financial Vulnerability. Power of Attorneys are a good starting point for discussion, but much more needs to be done to protect everyone.


Friday Investment Talk: Housing, Gold, Consumer Loans

Housing prices rose strongly in 2020, most of the growth in non-Urban areas. Furnishings and additions were also unusually strong as more people used their house for an office and school during COVID lockdowns. Uncertainty around gold’s direction continues, but Bitcoin looks to break out above $60K soon. The US auto manufacturers are suffering from Read more ➝