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Unit-Linked Insuranace Policies (ULIPs) are a tax efficient method for Portgual residents to invest, save and pass on wealth.
Gas Futures hit record prices - €79 Mw/h on 15th Sep on October price – that’s up 250% since January – and expectations are that it “may hit three figures”. Its all a bit of a mystery and not a small dose of geopolitics but more importantly how can investors play this scenario?
ECB waits for 3%+ inflation levels. Water is a hot topic in ESG investing. Markets rebound after COVID related sell off, but small caps going nowhere.
UK equities are trading at a discount to global peers of more than 40%. This has no equivalence within recent living memory. The UK is bouncing back from the twin hits of the Pandemic and Brexit, and with vaccination figures leading the way globally, it seems ripe for the UK economy to re-open and break out. Not to be outdone, the usually anemic Eurozone has seen a raft of positive figures after positive figures.

We are through the first month of 2015 and the market is trading very differently this year as compared to last year, ever since the Fed turned off their printing presses. Volatility has been elevated since January 1st and investors really don’t know which way to push stocks since they are fairly to fully priced …

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