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Following 5 months of gains, April will likely end with a first negative monthly return in 2024. This provides worry for a weak May also.
The Santa Claus Rally is a phenomenon in the stock markets that consists of a rise in stock prices from the last week of December to the first two days of January. The S&P 500 has averaged gains of 1.10% in retrospect during this rally. Will there be a Santa Claus Rally this year?

Bonds are now worst performers than stocks since the beginning of the year. Such pessimism in bond prices has not been seen for decades. Meanwhile, interest rate hikes are usually bullish for equities during the first few months of increases. Value stocks broke out to new highs this week as market internals turn more bullish. …

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While the fundamental economic outlook remains positive for US markets, inflation and high stock multiples are wearing on investor sentiment. February could offer a reprieve for the market in the volatile mid-term election year.
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High debt levels and inflation create difficulties for investors in 2022. ‘Financial Repression’ could become a household phrase. Inflationary pressures will put certain sectors in the spotlight. We watch oil and gas exploration and production, consumer staples and real estate as places for outperformance. A quick look the Russian ETF (RSX) reveals its need to …

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We have talked many times before on here about Green Energy, the trend to investing in renewables and how that ties in with important changes in how investments are made and structured, such as the impact of ESG. What we have always found is that there is a great deal of ‘spin’.

The US outlined extensive ‘Clean Energy’ priorities that will create a magnitude of change in demand for metals and rare earth minerals, such as cobalt, lithium, copper, zinc, molybdenum, etc. China is a main supplier of many of these elements key in electricity production from wind and solar power. Politics and transport issues can create …

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For those clients seeking income, we have a choice between US Government Bonds, Dividend paying stocks and Real Estate.
It is almost inescapable to read any financial journal these days and not be confronted by the word “inflation”. If we separate the underlying catalysts for current rise in CPI, we can determine that this is possibly a result of the economy reopening and nothing more sustained nor substantial.
China has had a pretty tough time of it recently, in terms of market performance. We think that this might provide for some opportunities to buy at prices that are more fair value than recent.
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