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Unit linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)

Unit Linked Insurance Policy (ULIP) – is an insurance product that combines insurance and investment functions.

ULIP is one of the most progressive high net worth client (HNWI) asset structuring solutions globally.

Investment life insurance is a globally recognized tool for wealth preservation, estate planning, international mobility, access to alternative investments, financial privacy and asset protection. Adaptable to the most complex situations, it is a versatile tool for asset managers.juliusbaer.com

ULIP is an investment account opened with a top international bank and is in the form of a life insurance policy. It is essentially an investment platform, similar to a brokerage account, through which you can buy stocks, bonds, ETF funds, structured products, etc.

The open architecture of the policy allows investors to build portfolios on accounts with the best international banks with minimal brokerage and tax costs, high liquidity, simplified compliance and maximum legal protection.

But very importantly, at the same time, ULIP is an insurance policy which, due to the peculiarities of insurance laws, offers a number of features and advantages over building investment portfolios in brokerage accounts. In particular – protection of assets from confiscation, seizure, judicial recovery, division in divorce proceedings, etc.

When building an investment portfolio in insurance accounts, ULIPs can save up to 6% per annum over bank and brokerage accounts due to financial and tax advantages.

To date, the main purpose of opening up insurance policies is to find a tax efficient structure for foreign exchange investment portfolios.

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