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December is better than November in Pre-election years for the most part. Weakness in the beginning will lead to a good run in the end of the month.
November marks the beginning of the bullish season for stocks, especially small caps. As the market moves to bullishness we have witnessed a huge rally.
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September gets no respite from positive pre-election year forces. Positive year returns going into what becomes a bad August leads to a better chance of September being a decent month, however.
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Bullish Indicators for US markets. News highlights deglobalization, but trends do not show the threat.
While the fundamental economic outlook remains positive for US markets, inflation and high stock multiples are wearing on investor sentiment. February could offer a reprieve for the market in the volatile mid-term election year.
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With 'stay at home' COVID pet purchases fueling a frenzy in animal health products, this pet care delivery service boomed. On the 'return to normal' trade, the company has fallen out of favor, undeservedly so as growth is still robust and margins expand.
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High debt levels and inflation create difficulties for investors in 2022. ‘Financial Repression’ could become a household phrase. Inflationary pressures will put certain sectors in the spotlight. We watch oil and gas exploration and production, consumer staples and real estate as places for outperformance. A quick look the Russian ETF (RSX) reveals its need to …

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COP26 hits Glasgow ushering in a chance for governments to change corporate rules on environmental policies. Accounting standards are one area of focus. Main issues include reducing emissions (adoption of EVs and reduction of coal industries), deforestation, diet change, and new tech for emerging markets. Clean Energy Tech ETF (ICLN) looks interesting as US small …

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The US outlined extensive ‘Clean Energy’ priorities that will create a magnitude of change in demand for metals and rare earth minerals, such as cobalt, lithium, copper, zinc, molybdenum, etc. China is a main supplier of many of these elements key in electricity production from wind and solar power. Politics and transport issues can create …

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Lumber falls. Communications stocks have juicy dividends. Fintech VC deals lead to exorbitant stock market listings. Sell signals arise in a seasonally weak period.
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