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Bullish Indicators for US markets. News highlights deglobalization, but trends do not show the threat.
July Job's Data usually is negative for the market. Seasonal bullishness in tech stocks starts soon, but the market needs to pullback for a better entry.
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The world is still far from "normal", according to the Economist. The UK/EU is waking up after COVID. US investors are bullish. Whiskey cask investment looks like a scam.
Jennison, perhaps unsurprisingly, has had a super year with its tech heavy allocations. Ecommerce, payment systems and cloud computing have led it to its top tier ranking at Citywire.

Markets are near all-time highs across the board. The NASDAQ 100 (QQQ) has outperformed all major indexes as investors flock to quality technology names such as AMZN, AAPL, MSFT, FB and GOOG. These stocks account for a full 50% of the NASDAQ’s gains since the COVID low on March 23, 2020. More COVID Cases Despite …

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We look at a short term bullish trade on MSFT, as the stock is outperforming the market. The difficult seasonality make this trade more speculative in nature.
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Microsoft (MSFT) reports earinsg on Thursday. In FAANG and related stocks, MSFT continues to be a standout. NFLX has competition and content reduction, AMZN has seen competition from WMT and also cloud spending slowdown, GOOG faces political backlash along with slowing compartive results, FB faces similar issues currently, along with lower usage rates. We’ve seen a high amount of call buying recently, heavily bullish-biased flow as shares …

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