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US markets besieged by unexpected inflation data. Chinese stocks get a boost from stimulus. Gold looks bullish.

A hot war has created hot commodity prices. Wheat was a big gainer this week, but also oil and non-ferrous metals took off. Brazil has shown strength this year as its relative strength outperforms many sectors. Healthcare companies such as our favorite BMY have a made a huge comeback this year. Selling continues everywhere else, …

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Markets were again weak with the $SPX falling 1.6% during the usually bullish options expirations week. European markets and gold showed strength, while energy stocks stay on their 2022 roll. Inflation fears has caused JP Morgan to look for 7 interest rate increase in 2022, yet none greater than 25 bps. Bank of America sees …

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Markets were on a wild ride in January, especially this last week. We expected this would be the 4th negative week for the markets, but strength in the last few hours turned this week positive. On many levels and by many measures the market is extremely oversold, but so far few buy signals have developed. …

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Waiting for the Seasonal sell signal in the NASDAQ, other sector trades come to and end in June. Gearing up for a sideways market is the plan now, until the strong months again come later this year.
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Valuations are compelling in Emerging Markets, but momentum is weak. Seasonally, June is weak. Gold and silver show strength against dollar weakness.
'Sell in May' critics are running wild this year. Meanwhile, bearish trends are usually strong in the next six months. Historically, these months warrant caution.
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Black Friday Sales are expected to be dominated by online shopping with overall sales increasing by 5% from 2019. Is this a low estimate? Biotech and Solar ETFs breakout, while gold broke down this week.
Investors focused on dividends have completely missed the opportunities in growth stocks during the last 10 years. Will the USD fall in 2021, giving rise to non-US assets?

As US elections approach we take a look at how election results move markets. We go through 10 lessons for all investors who are nervous going into the elections. History shows that there is nothing to be afraid of except uncertainty. Markets look bullish for October based on the AAII Investors Sentiment Survey and several …

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