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Services for Family Offices and Trusts

Insurance Solutions
to protect and
asset relocations

brokerage accounts can be included

You can move your brokerage and bank accounts under the umbrella of a policy of insurance (PPLI), receiving sanctions protection and asset protection.

High level of confidentiality

A PPLI, unlike a trust, has a higher level of privacy and asset protection, including from sanctions.

deferred taxation

With ULIPs and PPLIs, taxation arises only at the end of the policy. In the CIC, income is taxed on an annual basis.

Benefits of insurance solutions

Tax optimization

Helps solve a number of challenges related to the taxation of international assets and transactions.

Inheritance planning

Helps protect your estate and minimize tax liability when passing on an inheritance.

Protection from sanctions

Insurance solutions to protect your assets from 3rd party claims and sanctions.

Asset Relocation

Allow the transfer of exchange-traded assets as well as full securities trading with any residency and location.

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"Insurance Solutions"

Explore our unique insurance solutions in our brochure.

It provides information on how insurance products can provide privacy and protection from third party claims, including sanctions, optimize taxes and tax base, as well as effectively transfer inheritance and reduce related costs.

Download the brochure and learn how to ensure your client’s financial stability and asset protection.

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