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1 week ago

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Fed Futures showing rates at YE about 75bps less than low end of Fed projections.


UBS owns your mother! https://www.ft.com/content/52729d2c-8204-4bff-90e4-0e7a2a3af4d8 - Some $5 TRLN under management, second largest PRIVATE bank in the world just behind Morgan Stanley. Total Swiss GDP is $800 bln for smirks!

Divergences like this don't happen often.

#FED can deny 100 times that it's NOT #QE, but the fact is that markets chase liquidity, you can't change that.

I remember when 80Bn USD Liquidity injection per MONTH was called QE.

Today apparently 300Bn USD of Liquidity injection in one WEEK is NOT-QE.

MMT sure seems complex! 🤔


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