Reading this week’s commentary from Joseph Quinlan, Head of CIO Market Strategy at JP Morgan seems more like a preliminary celebration of International Women’s Day than a market commentary. Basically, Mr. Quinlan’s bull case rests on women’s adoption of the mobile phone! Just read the concluding paragraphs from his fairy tale: “… the steady advancement of women, Read more ➝

Technically, all major indexes sit around their 200dMA – which means nothing really, other than everyone is watching it. Therefore, this level becomes a psychologically important level. A retracement from these levels is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy as everyone expects a fall of some sorts from here. Investors Business Daily counts only 2 distribution days Read more ➝

Merrill Lynch’s CIO sees a positive US market environment underpinned by better valuations and loose monetary policy. Although political global uncertainty and potential volatility continue, a positive shift in the markets is underway. We would say that ML is looking in hindsight, and could miss the fact that February is usually the weakest of the Read more ➝

Retirement is increasingly seen as a long journey to look forward to, not, as it once was, a relatively short period of life that spelt the end of the road. Today’s retirees are more busy, independent and curious than ever and have more time to settle into a life filled with endless possibilities. But at Read more ➝

We all know that there is no such thing as the perfect investment, but I have one that comes pretty close. Working with the American Association of Individual Investors for many years, I have done research on dividend paying stocks. Investing in stocks that pay dividends offers a tantalizing triple play of 1) greater safety, Read more ➝