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How Unit-Linked policies can protect investors from sanctions


With the globalization and interconnectedness of the world economies, sanctions have become a means of political and economic pressure on various countries and their economies. Russian investors often face the problem of risks associated with the negative consequences of sanctions measures applied to Russia. However, there are tools available to minimize such risks. In this article, we will look at a Unit-Linked policy as one possible way to protect yourself from sanctions.

I. Unit-Linked policy: key features

A Unit-Linked policy is an investment product that combines insurance protection with an investment opportunity. The main advantage of this product for Russian investors is its flexibility and openness to international markets.

Separation of investments

Splitting The essence of a Unit-Linked policy is to split the investment between the insurance company and the client. Part of the client’s funds is allocated for insurance protection, while the other part is invested in the financial markets.

Access to global markets

One of the key aspects of the appeal of a Unit-Linked policy is the ability to invest client funds in a variety of global market assets. This allows diversifying the investment portfolio and reducing risks associated with the impact of sanctions on certain industries or regions.

II. Protection against sanctions: the benefits of a Unit-Linked policy

Risk diversification

Sanctions are generally aimed at restricting access to certain markets or companies. By investing in a variety of assets on world markets, a Russian investor holding a Unit-Linked policy reduces the dependence of his portfolio on individual markets or securities. This mitigates the negative impact of sanctions on its investments.

Global nature of insurance

Unit-Linked insurance is provided by international insurance companies with global experience and diversified portfolios. Thus, insurance in the global market can provide greater protection against a variety of risks, including those related to sanctions.

Adapting to a changing situation

Sanctions can change over time, and their effects on investors can change as well. An important advantage of a Unit-Linked policy is that it can be adapted to a changing situation. Investment strategies may be adjusted and insurance coverage may be revised to reflect new risks.


The Unit-Linked policy is an attractive tool for Russian investors to protect investments from the negative effects of sanctions. The flexibility of this product and access to global markets allow you to diversify your investment portfolio and adapt to changing situations. However, before deciding to purchase a Unit-Linked policy, it is recommended that you seek the advice of experienced financial advisors to determine the most appropriate plan of action for your individual financial goals and circumstances.

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