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October is known as the 'bear killer' month. In US mid-term election years it can provide especially strong returns. With the economy faltering and inflation still too hot, investors are skeptical. We wait for confirmed bullish signals as markets set up for a bounce.

Bond Yields are nearing 2% in US and Italy. This has killed the long term Austrian bond we love to look at. Investing in energy, precious metals and defense contractors has paid off since the start of the year. Our strategies show strong outperformance compared to the $SPX. Recession is predicted by the S&P 500 …

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What is the probability now of a recession? With employment optimism pitted against inflation pessimism, we look at the odds.
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A surprising Russian invasion in Ukraine has thrown the world back to a Cold War status. Mid-term election years are when these types of political and economic upheavals usually reveal their ugly heads. Going forward the market will work to find a bottom during a likely volatile year for investors.
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Inflation has pushed interest rates higher and wrecked havoc in bond markets. Investors turn away from SAAS towards ‘reopening stocks’ in the Industrial sector. This rotation has crimped the markets so far this year and could spell trouble for most of 2022.

US markets were top performers in 2021. Fed tapering became the year's theme as inflation began showing up in the Spring. Bonds sold off, and yields rose. Chinese companies suffered as a crackdown on foreign listed stocks erupted in Q3. The US maintains its top ranking of all equity markets going into 2022.
Retirees search for dividends, enduring low returns while risking running our of money. Managing withdrawals can extend and grow retirement savings. China and inflation news headlines sent markets lower in September. Seasonality changes for the better in October.

Lithium prices are set to rise over the next decade. We have previously discussed Albemarle (ALB) and Sociedad Química y Minera (SQM) as main beneficiaries of this trend. We review these again during this week’s Live Facebook chat. Other metals, like iron ore and palladium look to have peaked recently after strong runs. Chinese PMI …

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As the US and many other countries discuss raising individual income taxes, private placement life insurance comes again into focus. Its always been a mechanism to legally hide investments from taxes, but now it is receiving a renewed interest from even less wealthy individuals. A bullish fund manager feels a return to normalcy will send …

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Chinese stocks have been pounded lately as Xi puts pressure on companies to provide funding for socially beneficial projects. Arm twisting seems at play, as wealthy businessmen kowtow to politicians. Emerging markets face inflation as natural disasters, COVID and supply chain issues fuel shortages. Dividend ETFs always generate attention. We compare $DVY to owning the …

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