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Insurance solutions

for asset relocation

PPLI allows the transfer of exchange-traded assets to an insurance account from virtually any jurisdiction, as well as full-fledged securities trading.

for investment and protection

PPLIs open up international markets regardless of the jurisdiction of location, residency, citizenship of the investor and its assets.

for expats and relocants to accumulate

ULIPs allow you to store and accumulate having residence and domicile other than citizenship.

Our capabilities

International tax optimization

We help to solve a number of problems related to the taxation of international assets and transactions.

International estate planning

Helping you protect your estate and minimize tax liabilities when passing on an inheritance.

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"Insurance Solutions"

Explore our unique insurance solutions in our brochure.
It provides information on how insurance products can provide privacy and protection from third party claims, including sanctions, optimize taxes and tax base, as well as effectively transfer inheritance and reduce related costs.
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International Master Card Card

Customers of Unit Linked programs can discover the international MasterCard.

This card works worldwide on favorable terms.

  • The card can be topped up to $150k per month.
  • Replenishment in GBP is free of charge.
  • Top-up of the card in USD and EUR costs 1% of the top-up amount.
  • The cost to open the card is $100 + courier delivery.
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide are $1.5.
  • Currency conversion 1.5%

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