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A list of stocks likely to bounce after tax loss harvesting.
Unit-Linked Insuranace Policies (ULIPs) are a tax efficient method for Portgual residents to invest, save and pass on wealth.
UK budget changes were announced with repercussions for tax payers and pensioners. Buffet on bonds, and SPACs boom.
Now National Insurance contributions – for British citizens including expats – are paid according to the type of CLASS of contribution that you are liable to make. Which CLASS is relevant to you can be the first complicated calculation.
If you approaching pension age and are resident in a low tax jurisdiction (Russia, for example), you could take advantage of the UK's flexible drawdown regime from age 55. If you are non-resident for tax purposes, although you might in future return to the UK to live, or indeed to another country, you may be able to receive the full value of your fund liability to UK tax and so without deduction of tax at source. By investing the proceeds properly, you could obtain tax free growth whilst you are outside the UK and then benefit from withdrawals of 5% per annum tax free when you are back in the UK.
Owners of second homes or buy-to-let properties must brace themselves for a seismic shift in how capital gains tax is paid, on top of the rule changes for non-residents who own UK property.
There are three main tax benefits of using offshore life assurance policies when you are considered a UK tax resident, but do not maintain 'domiciled status' in the UK. These include tax free investments, no Capital Gains Tax, and Tax Deferred Withdrawl Allowances. There are specific ways that HMRC calculates taxable benefits on proceeds of insurance bonds during retirement. These include Top Slicing and Time Apportioned Relief. Using trusts can also be a benefit to transferring wealth with reduced tax implications.

UK persons looking to return to the UK after a period of time ‘offshore’, and people who are moving to the UK, should be aware of a number of benefits which can smooth the transition of your investment portfolios. Although UK fiscal regulations are a wide-ranging and complex, we will try to simplify and provide …


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