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October is known as the 'bear killer' month. In US mid-term election years it can provide especially strong returns. With the economy faltering and inflation still too hot, investors are skeptical. We wait for confirmed bullish signals as markets set up for a bounce.
US markets besieged by unexpected inflation data. Chinese stocks get a boost from stimulus. Gold looks bullish.
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Bullish Indicators for US markets. News highlights deglobalization, but trends do not show the threat.
In mid-term election years, US markets perform generally well in March. Leadership in small caps stocks is discernible.
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November started out very strong, but around the middle of the month small cap stocks began to struggle. Large cap stocks (especially the favored technology and consumer discretionary stocks) went on to make all time highs later in the month. However, during the generally bullish period of the year - around Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 25th) -the large cap leaders also started to sell off.

As the US and many other countries discuss raising individual income taxes, private placement life insurance comes again into focus. Its always been a mechanism to legally hide investments from taxes, but now it is receiving a renewed interest from even less wealthy individuals. A bullish fund manager feels a return to normalcy will send …

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The world is still far from "normal", according to the Economist. The UK/EU is waking up after COVID. US investors are bullish. Whiskey cask investment looks like a scam.
Entering a bullish period after a fake out breakdown overreaction after the FOMC last week. What to watch this summer and what is setting up for a run now.
Hydrogen fuel technology companies are reviewed. Biogen stock looks vulnerable as FDA approval of its new Alzheimer drug attracts criticism. Stocks hit highs, but not very convincingly.
Waiting for the Seasonal sell signal in the NASDAQ, other sector trades come to and end in June. Gearing up for a sideways market is the plan now, until the strong months again come later this year.
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