Friday Investment Talk: Bonds Weakness and Equity Strength

Bonds are now worst performers than stocks since the beginning of the year. Such pessimism in bond prices has not been seen for decades. Meanwhile, interest rate hikes are usually bullish for equities during the first few months of increases. Value stocks broke out to new highs this week as market internals turn more bullish. Read more ➝

More Beat Up Blue Chips

Recently we highlighted several best-of-breed large capitalization companies that have materially under performed this year. Another three companies are examined below. These are not speculative names. They are not richly valued technology or consumer discretionary stocks either. They have wide defensive moats and should be beneficiary of strong cyclical and secular uptrend. But they under performed enough during 2021 with Read more ➝

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Beaten Down Blue Chips

Several high quality companies now sell for discounted prices after the strong sell since Thanksgiving. The main US indexes maintain relatively high sales and earnings multiples historically. This masks the damage done to most small stocks and even some blue chip names that most astute investors continually monitor for buying opportunities. We highlight three stocks Read more ➝

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COP26 Greenpeace boat

Friday Investment Talk: Glasgow Goes Green, China’s Value and Small Caps Breakout

COP26 hits Glasgow ushering in a chance for governments to change corporate rules on environmental policies. Accounting standards are one area of focus. Main issues include reducing emissions (adoption of EVs and reduction of coal industries), deforestation, diet change, and new tech for emerging markets. Clean Energy Tech ETF (ICLN) looks interesting as US small Read more ➝

Clean Energy Minerals

Friday Investment Talk: Clean Energy Minerals, Cryptos, Market Pullback

The US outlined extensive ‘Clean Energy’ priorities that will create a magnitude of change in demand for metals and rare earth minerals, such as cobalt, lithium, copper, zinc, molybdenum, etc. China is a main supplier of many of these elements key in electricity production from wind and solar power. Politics and transport issues can create Read more ➝