Bull Trap

A Bull Trap?

Today, US stocks were finally able to stage a rally that lasted from opening bell to the close. That has not been the case for a very long time.

Remember, a one day move does not make a trend. We need to see if the bulls can even hold this rally for more than a day. Our feeling is they likely will be able to.

Today’s Troubles Are Future’s Fortunes

Volaitlity is spiking to levels not seen since 2008. Should long-term minded investors run for shelter?
With no light at the end of the tunnel these bleak times seem desperate. But what happens usually after VIX spikes like the one we are currently experiencing? We look at the months and years after intense volaitility to find solace in the future of the economy.

Stock Investing: Most Stocks are Duds

Recently Bloomberg commented on a newly released study by Hendrik Bessembinder regarding how many global stocks that actually perform well.  Variations of this study have been done by a number of different academics and practitioners – all with fairly similar conclusions – many stocks are duds.  Two years ago, an Arizona State University professor made waves Read more ➝