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US markets were top performers in 2021. Fed tapering became the year's theme as inflation began showing up in the Spring. Bonds sold off, and yields rose. Chinese companies suffered as a crackdown on foreign listed stocks erupted in Q3. The US maintains its top ranking of all equity markets going into 2022.
For those clients seeking income, we have a choice between US Government Bonds, Dividend paying stocks and Real Estate.
The debate on the sustainability of inflation is alive! Markets react and traders battle out their Feds next move. Retail and consumer discretionary stocks look weak, while semiconductors and car resellers could bounce. Biotech sits on support.
We honor the passing of a great investor this week. We also review the stimulus package and find some interesting opportunities in value stocks.
Inflation threats scared the market, and sent tech shares down. We discuss seasonality and highlight weakness can resurface after a bounce.
The global semiconductor shortage calls for capital investments. Commodity inflation is here. CPIs are low still, but long bonds sell off. Biotech is a sweet spot.
Over the last few days, Treasury yields have risen significantly as Democratic wins in Georgia are likely to lead to more COVID relief spending. Besides looking at the the potential effects on the market, we address a few strategies to mitigate the risk of rising rates in a fixed income portfolio.
Stocks are still bullish from a technical point of view - the Put/Call ratio is overbought, but not yet negative. All time highs for percentage of stocks above their 50-day moving averages (95%). Seasonality is generally weak in summer months, but summers are better in election years than other months in election years, and better than in summer months in non-election years. Research from Bank of America, Cylicals could take the lead in the summer, as social media and tech companies under polical pressure.
We have a just launched the first session of our new weekly "Friday Investment Talk" series. This week Alan, Mike, and I discuss the continuation of the bull market's posture. Mike speaks of how client's 'fear of missing out' leads to overly concentrated portfolios. Alan highlights how the recent Chinese sell off could be a buying opportunity, as other Asian markets look strong.
So far, April has regained some of this years losses - in fact the NASDAQ is again positive for 2020. What should investors do now that markets are entering the weakest period of the year? How bad could this year be, actually?
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