Friday Investment Talk

Friday Investment Talk: US Elections, Market Bullishness, and Fintech

As US elections approach we take a look at how election results move markets. We go through 10 lessons for all investors who are nervous going into the elections. History shows that there is nothing to be afraid of except uncertainty. Markets look bullish for October based on the AAII Investors Sentiment Survey and several Read more ➝

Quick Notes on the US Markets

Technically, all major indexes sit around their 200dMA – which means nothing really, other than everyone is watching it. Therefore, this level becomes a psychologically important level. A retracement from these levels is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy as everyone expects a fall of some sorts from here. Investors Business Daily counts only 2 distribution days Read more ➝

February 2018 Monthly Market Review

All the major equity markets saw massive selling in the beginning of February. Correlation between all asset classes rose sharply, as usual during market corrections, making it difficult to find shelter from the retreat. Combined with the unwinding of the short volatility trade which was so popular for the last few years, interest rate fears Read more ➝

Market review for August 2015

Overview Stocks around the world rebounded last week, with the U.S. taking the lead. Investors should be aware, however, that the good times may not last for long. Although last week featured more evidence that U.S. companies are able to beat diminished earnings expectations, several other developments argue for caution. Notably, estimates for growth have Read more ➝

Market review for June 2015

Review of markets over May Do you hear the markets sing, singing the song of nervous investors? One didn’t need to listen carefully to hear that volatility was the main melody in May. While April’s tune was characterised by fairly sound gains in most asset classes, May began with a European bond market correction, which Read more ➝