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A hot war has created hot commodity prices. Wheat was a big gainer this week, but also oil and non-ferrous metals took off. Brazil has shown strength this year as its relative strength outperforms many sectors. Healthcare companies such as our favorite BMY have a made a huge comeback this year. Selling continues everywhere else, …

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China turns around, Brazil swoons, Crypto ETFs launch - all as November rolls in and starts off the bullish season
CBR blacklists Interactive Brokers and Exante and 1800+ other companies. Emerging Markets perform well. Our stock picks and Investment Strategies show strength. New trade ideas are presented also.
A wild week for marijuana, bitcoin and 'meme' trading. The UK market is viewed as undervalued after Brexit.
This week we review Bitcoin's recent advance, USD weakness, Emerging Markets, November stock market strength, and a psilocybin company.

Below we show a correlation matrix of some of the more popular US ETFs. As a reminder, the closer the correlation is to +1 the stronger the positive relationship. And the closer the number to —1 the stronger the negative relationship. How can we use this knowledge? Two ways: Diversification. One of the tenants of …

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Our article back on on January 16th highlighted Brazil stocks (EWZ) as a place to search for growth companies. We felt that Brazil’s economy should perform well in 2019 after better economic results and decreased regulation. We liked MercadoLibre (MELI) when the stock was trading in a range between $250 and $350 dollars. We then repeated our comments about MELI again in …

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Developed markets are more correlated with oil than Emerging Markets. Russia and Gulf states are not as correlated to oil as many investors think.
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