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Chinese stocks have been pounded lately as Xi puts pressure on companies to provide funding for socially beneficial projects. Arm twisting seems at play, as wealthy businessmen kowtow to politicians. Emerging markets face inflation as natural disasters, COVID and supply chain issues fuel shortages. Dividend ETFs always generate attention. We compare $DVY to owning the …

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Equity markets look likely to slow their temp of growth, and maybe pullback. The US infrastructure bill passed. We discuss firms that will initially see inflows from increased spending, such as engineering, construction, and materials companies. Climate change offers emerging markets both headwinds and opportunities for growth. Looking at various statistics, the road ahead is …

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For many years now, the famous BRICs have been touted as THE place to put your money for the best chance for long term capital growth. However, the returns of many of the indices and managed funds in Emerging Markets have not reflected the growth nor the opportunity that we see in those markets. We found the best Emerging Markets ETF to invest in!
Valuations are compelling in Emerging Markets, but momentum is weak. Seasonally, June is weak. Gold and silver show strength against dollar weakness.
Closer look at Emerging Markets after last years stellar returns. Barrons Big Money looks bullish from the outside only. SaaS is overvalued still.. Seasonality shifts towards small caps. Financial Vulnerability is a hot topic after COVID.
Today we look at Ruble softness along with emerging market weakness in August. Turkey's issues are highlighted. USD strength pressures a rebound in gold. Market indicators get more bearish. September seasonality is discussed.

All the major equity markets saw extended bullish action from December lows. This continued through most of January, with only the last few days showing some weakness. The strength of the SPY really picked up in the second half of the month. The end of the month selling was weakest in the SPY. Mid-Cap US …

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Global stocks rose modestly amid a strong rally in the energy sector. Rising oil prices, surging M&A activity and central bank stimulus measures helped to support world stock prices despite a slowdown in U.S. economic growth during the first quarter. Emerging markets rallied as market observers pushed back the timing of an increase in interest …

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This commentary was posted by our long-time colleague and friend, Chris Weafer (link to http://macro-advisory.com/about/) in an editorial on Dec 22, 2014. Chris worked for several main Russian Banks as the Chief Strategist. He has won recognition as the best Russian Investment Strategist for 2013 by Reuters. With so many people contacting us over the …

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