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Bonds are now worst performers than stocks since the beginning of the year. Such pessimism in bond prices has not been seen for decades. Meanwhile, interest rate hikes are usually bullish for equities during the first few months of increases. Value stocks broke out to new highs this week as market internals turn more bullish. …

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Inflation has pushed interest rates higher and wrecked havoc in bond markets. Investors turn away from SAAS towards ‘reopening stocks’ in the Industrial sector. This rotation has crimped the markets so far this year and could spell trouble for most of 2022.

Fallen Angels fly again. Facebook changes its name. Investors are happy.
Last week, the MACD line on the two of the largest and well followed US Indexes rolled over to sell signals. This ends the bullish 6-month period through April.
We count new Billionaires, while Biden sees room to tax. Jim Grant says the Fed is likely to get blind-sided. Seasonality hits a wall.
Every year, major US banks are forced to de-leverage their balance sheets and sell off portfolios of consumer loans at deep discounts to experienced buyers. This Bond provides access to this distressed asset class.
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UK budget changes were announced with repercussions for tax payers and pensioners. Buffet on bonds, and SPACs boom.
The global semiconductor shortage calls for capital investments. Commodity inflation is here. CPIs are low still, but long bonds sell off. Biotech is a sweet spot.

Again looking at the hot tech sector, the potential value to growth rotation, Russia as a value and dividend play, and some contrarian bullish indictaors for stocks while bonds are simply stretched very far. Mercado Libre (MELI) stock reports next week and BAML is out with a nice target price for the bulls.

AVC partners review Veronika’s participation in the Russian Portfolio Investment Conference where she discussed our Dividend Investment Research (DIR), and the new 13 to 15% income tax for Russian non-residents, down from 30%.   We reviewed the influence of recent central bank actions stocks and bond pricing. Credit quality is likely to become more of …

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