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Friday Investment Talk: Emerging Markets, Barron’s Big Money Poll, Seasonality

Emerging markets have sold off this year as interest rate fears have risen. E-Commerce and payment systems are weighted heavily in the EMQQ ETF run by Mr. Kevin Carter.

The Barron’s Big Money Poll demonstrates both how bullish money managers are, and yet how little upside they see in the market over the next 12 months. They are actually bearish on Bitcoin and think volatility will rise by year end.

SaaS companies are still over valued and forming bearish head and shoulder patterns on their charts. Economic indicators are very positive and likely will push the Fed to change their wording on interest rate expectations after their June meetings. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 hugs its upper trend line as we are set up for some pullback or potential rotation back into Russell 2000 stocks in May, as they usually outperform nicely during the month in post-election years.

Our recent blog regarding ‘Financial Vulnerability’ reminds everyone to review their financial situation. Relatives can legally be set up to provide care for vulnerable individuals with a Power of Attorney.


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