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The inflationary environment and post-COVID reopening is leading to pockets of bullishness in the US equity markets. ‘Its a stock pickers market’ is heard among investors. Energy, Industrial and Consumer Staple companies are outperforming while the Nasdaq and S&P500 continue to struggle.

Today's hot CPI numbers burned the market. The Fed's Bullard gets hawkish and may spell problems for the market going forward in February.
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February has been getting lousier for investors. The first half is usually better than the second. Utilities and High Tech start bullish seasonal trends soon.
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European interest rates rising, while the US is geared up for 5 hikes of 25 basis points in 2022. The market has shown extreme volatility lately as the interest rate hikes don’t jive with corporate earnings and future guidance.

Markets were on a wild ride in January, especially this last week. We expected this would be the 4th negative week for the markets, but strength in the last few hours turned this week positive. On many levels and by many measures the market is extremely oversold, but so far few buy signals have developed. …

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While the fundamental economic outlook remains positive for US markets, inflation and high stock multiples are wearing on investor sentiment. February could offer a reprieve for the market in the volatile mid-term election year.
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Inflation has pushed interest rates higher and wrecked havoc in bond markets. Investors turn away from SAAS towards ‘reopening stocks’ in the Industrial sector. This rotation has crimped the markets so far this year and could spell trouble for most of 2022.

A little known fact is one of the multitude of variables used by the UK pensions authority to calculate state pension liabilities involve both expected mortality AND the ratio that has on time spent working verses retirement.

Biotech indexes are not created equally. XBI is an equal weighted smaller cap index, while IBB is market cap with large weightings in COVID vaccine producers. Their results were very divergent in 2021. Markets have grown substantially in 2021 on the back of loose monetary and fiscal policy in the US (and around the world). …

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AVC have focused on the two leading Biotech ETFs over the last few years, but it has been a tough year. We follow XBI and IBB. XBI is SPDR S&P Biotech, and IBB is iShares Biotechnology.
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