Friday Investment Talk: Chinese Consumers, E-Commerce, Space Exploration, Seasonality, Small Caps and Bitcoin Bubbles, and OZON

Fidelity’s Chinese Consumer Fund is bullish on both domestic demand, exports and E-commerce trends in 2021 as the Chinese economy pulls out of the COVID quicker than Western countries.

Investor interest in space exploration rocketed this week as Cathie Wood, CIO of ARK Investments, announced a new ETF focused on this hot niche. Besides Space X and Virgin Galactic, we discuss other stocks that can benefit including US defense stalwarts Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

Weak seasonality starts next week. With small cap stocks and crypto-currencies reaching new heights already in 2021, a pullback seems timely. February is also a weak month. However, bullish sentiment remains strong and any weakness in markets could prove a good buying opportunity for the final months of strong seasonality in the spring.

Research on OZON, a main player on the budding Russian E-commerce scene, shows similar potential as other regional shopping platforms such as MELI, SEA, Alibaba and Amazon. We look at how quickly Russians could adopt e-commerce and how that could play out for OZON stock.