Новости мировых рынков

Китай – национальное правительство заявило, что, судя по показаниям внутреннего спроса, товарный избыток почти вдвое превысил индустриальные ожидания. Результаты свежих исследований показывают, что после февральского дефицита в 31,5 млрд. долларов США излишки имеют место уже второй месяц подряд. Российский центробанк в очередной раз уже пятый месяц подряд отказался от снижения процентных ставок, что свидетельствует о Читать дальше ➝

Record US Q1 results

The US Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 recorded their biggest first-quarter point gains ever. The Dow industrials rose 994 points, or 8.1%, and the S&P 500 rose 150.87 points, or 12%, during the first three months of 2012, amid signs of a strengthening U.S. economic recovery. The Nasdaq rose 486.42, or 19%, Читать дальше ➝

Precious Metals

The supply of the world’s reserve currency, the dollar, has been continuously expanded since the world economic crisis began in 2008. Two rounds of quantitative easing and additional expansionary activities have enlarged the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. This monetary inflation has yet to affect officially reported inflation aggregates but commodity prices have been steadily rising Читать дальше ➝

The Forex Discussion: A Basis

Over the last 10 years of meeting clients, invariably most new client meetings start with questions regarding currency trends. During these initial meetings, I always understood that the questions have very little too do with any advice regarding forex, but more to do with my analysis. I usually discuss the basic fundamental relationships involved in Читать дальше ➝

Buffet on Buybacks: the logic of dollar cost averaging

Warren Buffett published his annual letter to Berkshire-Hathaway (BRK.B) shareholders in late February. In it, Buffett devoted many paragraphs to the subject of share buybacks, a topic he has opined on before. This year, he focused specifically on valuation and price performance. Regarding valuation, here is what the Oracle of Omaha wrote: Charlie (Warren Buffett’s Читать дальше ➝

European Distressed Fund Investment

The uncertainty and volatility of the Euro zone has many investors skeptical of the potential for returns from investment in Europe. Uncertainty about the future of the Euro has been at the forefront of investors’ concerns. While fear about the potential for a Greek sovereign default may be exaggerated, such fear is not irrational. The Читать дальше ➝

Инвестиционный фонд воды

On our planet, it is water that is the most significant and most essential life-sustaining substance. In addition, water consumption is the most critical criterion for evaluating economic and industrial projects. For example, companies used almost 300 billion liters of water in 2010 to produce 130 billion liters of their product. The annual assessment of Читать дальше ➝

Buffet on stocks

I believe stocks are “the runaway winner” over bonds and gold, and “will be by far the safest” investment in the long run, said Warren Buffett in Fortune. He considers bonds such dangerous assets that they “should come with a warning label.” They’re tied to interest rates that are so low right now that they Читать дальше ➝

“IQ-C” – новая торговая платформа “IQS Performance Fund”

The investment fund “IQS Performance Fund” began on February 1 using the new exclusive program “IQ-C”. This program is combined with its already used predecessor, IQ-A, and is a system that tracks and identifies highly volatile trends, focused on thirty global commodity and futures markets that are characterized by the highest liquidity. Like the IQ-A Читать дальше ➝