Unit Linked Program

Unit linked Insurance was developed by European Insurance Companies almost 50 years ago. Today it is one of the most popular products in the market of insurance and investment services around the world. Accounting for about half the insurance premiums in Europe and the United States annually.

At its core, this product is a symbiosis of two products – risk-based life insurance and an investment account.

The advantages of such a hybrid product are four fold: a life benefit to protect your loved ones, a tax benefit to eliminate capital gains and income tax on investment returns, a security benefit that is afforded only life insurance companies as client accounts are held in segregated accounts, unlike at a bank or a brokerage, an inheritance benefit as each policy has a clear inheritance structure that is prescribed under the terms of the contract.

The term “unit” describes the ability to choose financial instruments for investing the funded part of the insurance. Therefore, unit linked policies are very often used as a full-fledged platform for acquiring various financial assets – stocks, bonds, ETF, commodities, structured products, and other financial instruments, etc.

The versatility and structural strength of unit-linked insurance policies should not be overlooked. We urge you to review your financial situation and evaluate if Unit-linked policies can help you reach your financial goals faster with less cost.