UK Bed and Breakfast


UK persons looking to return to the UK after a period of time ‘offshore’, and people who are moving to the UK, should be aware of a number of benefits which can smooth the transition of your investment portfolios. Although UK fiscal regulations are a wide-ranging and complex, we will try to simplify and provide Read more ➝

Life Insurance as an Investment Vehicle

I write here to set out my thoughts on the use of life insurance as an investment vehicle, in the Russian context. Clients of all the jurisdictions invariably seek to optimise their tax position in which they operate. This includes holding assets that are so-called passive investments. There is a long history of legal systems Read more ➝

Seasonal Trade Strategy: August

August has been the worst performing month of the year over the last 31 years. Money flows from harvesting made August a great stock market month in the first half of the Twentieth Century. It was the best month from 1901 to 1951. In 1900, 37.5% of the US population was farming. Now that less Read more ➝

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Stock Investing: Most Stocks are Duds

Recently Bloomberg commented on a newly released study by Hendrik Bessembinder regarding how many global stocks that actually perform well.  Variations of this study have been done by a number of different academics and practitioners – all with fairly similar conclusions – many stocks are duds.  Two years ago, an Arizona State University professor made waves Read more ➝