December Seasonal Outlook: Santa Claus Rally & Year End Highs

Novemeber is tracking the seasonal patterns very closely. We still expect a mild pullback early next week, but from then on we are likely to see post-Thanksgiving gains. Early December can be disappointing for bullish traders, but as Christmas approaches the bulls come back to the parade.

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Spain Brexit

Spanish Real Estate: Can the recovery continue, ignoring the ‘elefante’ in the room?

Spanish property prices have been coming back recently. With all the UK residents living on the Spanish Costas, can this continue? Brexit could thow the area back into the a recession, if UK expats retreat home. Three factors having the most impact include, residency, pension levels, and access to affordable healthcare.

UK roof light

UK Property Assets: Tax Update

New UK property tax legislation is coming into effect in April 2020. Higher Capital Gains Tax – even for non-residents – are to be expected. Owning REITs through offshore life companies can mitigate these new tax laws.

UK Bed and Breakfast


UK persons looking to return to the UK after a period of time ‘offshore’, and people who are moving to the UK, should be aware of a number of benefits which can smooth the transition of your investment portfolios. Although UK fiscal regulations are a wide-ranging and complex, we will try to simplify and provide Read more ➝