Spain Brexit

Spanish Real Estate: Can the recovery continue, ignoring the ‘elefante’ in the room?

Spanish property prices have been coming back recently. With all the UK residents living on the Spanish Costas, can this continue? Brexit could thow the area back into the a recession, if UK expats retreat home. Three factors having the most impact include, residency, pension levels, and access to affordable healthcare.

UK Bed and Breakfast


UK persons looking to return to the UK after a period of time ‘offshore’, and people who are moving to the UK, should be aware of a number of benefits which can smooth the transition of your investment portfolios. Although UK fiscal regulations are a wide-ranging and complex, we will try to simplify and provide Read more ➝

Quick Notes on the US Markets

Technically, all major indexes sit around their 200dMA – which means nothing really, other than everyone is watching it. Therefore, this level becomes a psychologically important level. A retracement from these levels is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy as everyone expects a fall of some sorts from here. Investors Business Daily counts only 2 distribution days Read more ➝

Debt, More Debt and BAML sees Unicorns!

Walls needed, walls built As the old adage goes, “markets climb a wall of worry”, so in good fashion BAML tapped into its inner Trump in its weekly market review to make certain sure that investors have a wall! While the US Federal Reserve tries to atleast stabilize its debt to GDP ratio – something Read more ➝

Are we going lower?

Last week the US market showed some signs of cracking its bullish momentum. The SP500 and NASDAQ fell out of their positive bullish consolidations (pennant patterns everyone is talking about) and broke back down into the August and October trading range. More bullishly, meanwhile, the DJ30 was actually holding above that trading range and continuing Read more ➝