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Trust Creation

A trust is a financial and legal structure that appears as a result of an agreement between the founder and the trustee. Trusts are specifically useful for:

  • Asset Protection
  • Capital Gains and Income Tax Minimization
  • Inheritance and Estate Planning.

The trust makes it possible to allocate its founder’s capital to a separate legal structure, thus securing the assets of the founder’s trust against the claims of creditors, state bodies and lawsuits. The assets transferred to the trust are placed under highly regulated, professional management, which guarantees their safety and provides tax advantages.

The trust can be used instead of the traditional will for additional benefit, particularly to bequeath assets to persons who are not legal heirs. This function of trusts is especially relevant for those who have a large amount of capital and want to ensure the financial security of their loved ones. The trust mechanism is also suitable for planning family property relations.

We advise you on all issues concerning the use of trusts. We will help you choose the trust that is suitable for you, direct its opening, and develop an optimal structure for its capitalization.