Retirement planning

Maintaining an established lifestyle and level of well-being after retirement (or you are simply no longer able to work) depends on decisions you make today!  It’s better to start planning your financial sources in the pension period now, even if you are still a long way from retirement.

The sooner you start saving for your future, the more likely you are at the time of retirement to have a reliable financial basis for later in life.

AVC Advisory can prepare you for retirement by helping you:

  • Analyze your current financial situation, including your monthly budget, your savings levels and current investments
  • Analyze your income and expenditures to identify sources of additional savings.
  • Choose an accumulation strategy that is both disciplined and flexible
  • Analyze and review financial companies for your pension investments. We work with many world-class, international investment and insurance companies.
  • Analyze risks in your plans and offer ways to fill financial shortcomings and gaps in savings

As a result, you will receive an individual pension plan that offers you the best opportunities for creating financial savings and investing them to ensure sufficient passive income after retirement.