Portfolio Management

Platform Agnotic Asset Management

We create individualized portfolios for our clients, taking into account the current investment climate, your risk tolerance level, your investment horizon and your previous investment experience. With more than 15 years of working with individual clients, we have flourished in both bull and bear markets. Proper asset allocation that includes diversification and elements of market timing will greatly enhance your portfolio returns and help you reach your financial goals.

We regularly review market conditions as they are relevant to your portfolio. We are not buy-and-hold oriented advisers! We take into account changing market conditions and, in a timely manner, make recommendations to change the structure of your investment portfolio. We are always trying to find opportunities to maintain a positive return in any market conditions.

Our close business contacts with the leading market participants (investment funds, insurance companies, research analysts, private bankers, private equity firms, and family offices, etc.) allow us access to a full range of current market strategies in various asset classes.

You always have the final say. Our recommendations are always open for discussion. Nothing is set in stone! We prefer to work with experienced investors that demand performance from their portfolios, rather than excuses about poor performance. Our focus on your personal requests while maintaining and open dialogue at all times allow us to get answers to all your questions regarding the characteristics and performance of your investment portfolio.