International Investment Advice

Independent stock, ETF, fund and options research

Global investments inherently contain on more subtleties than those available in your home country. Many offer greater returns, tax advantages, simpler inheritance rules, greater asset protection and confidentiality, and even less risk.

Of course, online media is blooming with information about offshore and international investing, but so much of this is pure advertising and false claims. AVC Advisory has been in business since 2001 providing personalized investment advice on equity, fixed income, alternative and multi-class instruments from well-known, reputable companies offering excellent service using today’s technologies.

We are deeply familiar with the specifics of investment, credit, tax and other issues in the most countries and jurisdictions. We advise on the entire range of investment opportunities available to you.

Our International Investment Advice will provide you with:

  1. Recommendations on the structuring of your assets in accordance with immigration, tax and other requirements of foreign jurisdiction
  2. Options for international investments based on liquidity, return and risk
  3. Tax optimization strategies when investing and moving to another country,
  4. Forewarning of any pitfalls resulting from various legislative requirements and economic risks