International Health Insurance

Premium international health insurance guarantees you peace of mind in any situation from regular check-ups to emergency situations. International medical insurance coverage provides you treatment at any hospital in the world. All you need to do is show your policy at the clinic. Payments and paperwork with the clinic will be made by the insurance company itself.

International medical insurance programs are suitable for everyone who seeks to obtain:

  • access to world-class health care,
  • the best medical technologies,
  • modern methods of treatment, diagnostics, and rehabilitation,
  • diagnosis and treatment from the most qualified doctors worldwide.


Our experienced consultants will help you learn about all the features of the international health insurance policy and choose the most suitable insurance plan for you. The insurance program can be chosen for you and your family, as well as for employees of your company.

Companies buying voluntary international health insurance for their employees receive tax benefits by deducting the cost of medical insurance from their tax base (in Russia); provide their employees a reliable insurance protection, which, if necessary, will cover valuable team members; and help the company attract highly qualified professionals by offering a significant benefit package.

The international health insurance policy offered by our partners – Bupa International, Cigna, Allianz, and others – will give you the opportunity to receive high quality medical care around the world, opening access to high-level commercial medical institutions with highly qualified specialists and the latest equipment in all cases of seeking medical help, including diagnostics.