Gaming market

Friday Investment Talk: Gaming Companies and TAM, Momentum Stock Sell Off, Hedging with ETFs, Natural Gas and Gazprom

We cover everything from gaming market size to natural gas prices. We even give a glimpse of some of the research tools we use to find secor based ETFs. Momentum stocks and hedging ideas are also tossed around in this week’s short session.

Investment Talks

Friday Investment Talk: Valuations, Growth to Value Transition, Gold and Healthcare Stocks

Are markets overbought? The narrow bull market in FAANG and some other technology stocks has led to concern among analysts that stocks are out of sync with the economy. We explore how interest rate assumptions affect analyst pricing in discounted cash flow models and lead to inflated asset prices.  A discussion of the opposite case Read more ➝

July Seasonality: Mid Month Update

NASDAQ’s mid-year rally (described here in late June) came to an end on July 14. From mid-July, the second quarter is usually plagued with poor performance. Enthusiam and large amounts of cash on the sidelines could keep stock prices aflot. Hower, defensive positioning seems a more reasonable bet.

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Here we update our Dividend Investment Research (DIR) that we initiated in May. In review, our momentum approach involves an active management of ETFs. We run monthly screens that show the top performing stocks from each of 6 Dividend ETF categories. We focus on the top 5 stocks for investment, and would sell them if they Read more ➝

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FIT July 10

Friday Investment Talk: Gold, Interest Rates, Russia and Natural Gas, China, Fuel Cells and EVs

July remains bullish as low interest rates fuel stock returns and gold gains. Russia can be viewed as a high dividend value opportunity if oil prices can remain elevated, and natural gas prices stabilize. A note from Merrill Lynch outlines the demand for hydrogen fuel cells that support natural gas (UNG) prices. China continues to Read more ➝