Seasonal Trade Strategy: July

July starts strong, but often finishes weaker. The week after Options Expiration week – this year starting on the 22nd – can be particularly volatile. July ends the NASDAQ’s best eight months, and starts its worst four months . We will provide notification when the NASDAQ sell signal comes.

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ETF Spotlight: Equity Income ETF Ideas

US Interest rates (see chart below) have fallen to their lowest level in close to two years, making it a tricky environment for investors who require steady income.   US interest rates are falling again, making income-foused investors uneasy. Here we provide ideas for tapping into equity income by using ETFs.  As we know, equity Read more ➝

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Market Update

After 6 weeks of down markets, today, the US indexes bounced back with a broad based rally.  There are a few things we are watching for to see if the market is actually ready to rebound higher. First, from McMillan: “The first potential major buy signal could present itself in the form of put-call ratio Read more ➝

Asset Allocation: risk reduction realities!

Lets face it, asset allocation models are the heart of financial planning and investment advising. I have highlighted five major lessons we can learn from investment errors and market history in order to get allocations correct! Mistakes can be made in all kinds of environments. The market’s behavior over the 16-year period from 1987 to Read more ➝