Regular Savings Progams

The main objective of any savings program is to provide you with financial security, i.e. enable you to reach your financial goals. Additionally, savings programs also provide the benefit of insuring you and your family from unforeseen circumstances. Regular savings schemes are designed specifically for those who want to increase their future retirement fund, save for their children’s education or accumulate capital for a major expense.

Regular savings schemes are financial instruments that combine the elements of constant accumulation and life insurance for salaried individuals. Insurance is the primary means of long-term savings, as it provides tax benefits and much greater security than banks can offer.

Regular savings plans offer a great level of flexibility at the outset. You choose the term, the currency, the amount and frequency of investment, and the beneficiaries of the plan, should you pass away before completing the term. You also choose an asset allocation for your investment portfolio, which can be modified at any time, from a large group of vetted funds.

At the end of the funded program, you can get the accumulated amount in one amount or in the form of periodic payments lifelong further to the right of inheritance.

All investments are protected from third party claims for the life of the product. Upon death of the program owner the benefits of the program are immediately transferred to the named beneficiary, without the need for a probate court hearing. Multiple heirs can be registered in the contract program.

Plans can be set up for as little as $100 per month for a term of 5 years. However, the plans are most efficiently priced for savers of $1250 or more for 10 years of greater.


There are many large and reputable insurance companies offering regular savings plans for international savers. We work with many of these including Generali International, Investors Trust, Old Mutual, Royal London 360, Hansard International, Custodian Life, and others.
In order to get the best product for your personal situation, please contact us to fill out short questionnaire. We will provide a comparison of products from multiple companies that can fit your need, along with our specific recommendations.