, Friday Investment Talk: USD Interest Rates, Currencies, China and Vietnam

Wherever you are in the world, the strength of your country’s local currency can be adversely affected by many different factors. Uncertainty encourages many investors to look outside of their local savings and investment markets, in a bid to access products that provide the opportunity to invest in ‘hard currencies’, specifically USD, GBP and EUR. Certain products enable investors to secure their savings in a long term financial secure manner.

Portfolio managers returning to work after Labor Day tend to clean house. Since 1950, September is the worst performing month of the year. A bullish election-year does little to improve on September’s poor overall performance.

S&P 500 has declined 9 of the last twelve years on the first trading day. Options Expiration week (Triple Witching for September) is usually bullish, but beware after that!

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Again looking at the hot tech sector, the potential value to growth rotation, Russia as a value and dividend play, and some contrarian bullish indictaors for stocks while bonds are simply stretched very far. Mercado Libre (MELI) stock reports next week and BAML is out with a nice target price for the bulls.