Friday Investment Talk: The Next 10 Years, Energy, USD and Seasonality

We look at the future trends and technological changes coming in the next ten years that will affect human productivity. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles and Blockchain Technologies all have their place in making workers more productive and changing how we all view wealth, leisure, and healthcare. We look at specific funds Read more ➝

Friday Investment Talk

Friday Investment Talk: 2021 Investment Bank Forecasts, Asian Markets, Small Caps, Bitcoin

Investment banks are very bullish on economic growth and stock market performance in 2021, with expectations of low inflation, low interest rates, a weakening USD and Asian export growth. Small caps continued to lead in December, piling on gains after a record setting November. Bitcoin bits new highs, but its Fintech that has investment bankers interest. Meanwhile, big tech moves sideways.