Intern supports Plekhanov’s efforts

, Intern supports Plekhanov’s efforts
Kathe Erichsen visiting RUE Plekahnov

Working with our US interns in Moscow has always been exciting and inspiring. Over the last 20 years, AVC Advisory has hosted more than 40 interns with many becoming life-long friends. This year we are happy to have Kathe Erichsen work with us. Besides doing tremendous research into the new laws requiring Swiss Banks to reimburse excessive fees to clients, Kathe has supported my efforts running the newly established Finance Club at Plekhanov University. In fact, she is now setting up an exchange program between the econommics and finance departments of Wayne State University, her alma mater, and Plekhanov University. Everyone at AVC Advisory thanks Inga Koryagina, Director the the Finance Department, for her support and involvement in the oversight of this endeavor.