Friday Investment Talk: The Next 10 Years, Energy, USD and Seasonality

We look at the future trends and technological changes coming in the next ten years that will affect human productivity. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles and Blockchain Technologies all have their place in making workers more productive and changing how we all view wealth, leisure, and healthcare. We look at specific funds that provide access to leading companies at the forefront of these changes.

Our guest speaker, Enisey Kaloy, reviews the future of renewable energy technologies and the future of their development, from both government and corporate perspectives.

USD weakness is at a cross roads as an extreme level of short sellers has swarmed the FX markets. An oversold sate could lead to a fast move if any upset in the inflation and interest rate targets is perceived.

Stock market seasonality is negative in February. We prepare for some pullback after the previous 3 months of equity bullishness.