Friday Investment Talk: Gaming Companies and TAM, Momentum Stock Sell Off, Hedging with ETFs, Natural Gas and Gazprom

Today we look at the ‘stay at home’ effect on gaming stocks. With gaming markets larger than film and sports combined, the use of valuation methodologies associated with the size of the Total Available Market (TAM) have come back in to fashion.

Last week we saw momentum stocks – especially large cap stocks in the technology space – sell off on higher than average volume, even though Q2 earnings results beat expectations. “Buy the rumor, sell the news’ may have become institutional investors favorite trade strategy this summer. If that is the case, portfolio hedging using ETFs besides just bullish GLD and SLV might be necessary. We look at PSQ and other inverse NASDAQ related ETFs.

We revisit natural gas as a play on increasing Chinese domestic demand and trend to cleaner natural resource use. This bodes well for Gazprom as it increases its dividend.

Finally, we take a post-FIT look at a research tool that helps us find both stock and ETF trades for sector related investing. Make sure you watch until the very end!