Инвестиции в парковочные места в Англии. Как избежать мошенничества?

, Инвестиции в парковочные места в Англии. Как избежать мошенничества?Nowadays, there are more and more attractive offers with the opportunity to profitably invest savings and get high income in parking spaces in the airports of Glasgow, London, Gatwick, etc. Unfortunately, many of these offers seem so profitable only at first glance. We recommend that you thoroughly understand the conditions that any investment company offers and evaluate all the risks.

For example, PCG Invest offers, according to them, “the best investment” in the form of an investment of £ 25,000 in a parking space in Gatwick with a guaranteed net income of 8%. PCG Invest promises a guaranteed income of 16% in the first two years, a potential increase in the cost of parking space by 25% from the date of sale, which will amount to 41% of the profit. The company mainly attracts retirees in the UK, who are free to manage their savings. Such a high promised return is of interest to inexperienced investors.

According to experts, investment risks in this case do not justify themselves. The promise of “guaranteed income” and the frequent mention of this “advantage” are the first signals that should cause concern and suspicion of the investor. Typically, such companies are not controlled by financial supervisors and regulators, and no one can guarantee you a profit.

Professionals have also noticed many hidden costs, including extremely high service charges, which can result in debt rather than profit. There are no guarantees that you will be able to sell your parking spaces and return your investments. Companies do not undertake to sell your parking lots on time, they only guarantee to put up objects for sale. And this is a big difference.

And the guaranteed 8% or 16% per annum is already laid in the value of the object, that is, the investor initially buys a parking space at 15-30% more than the market value. This is a standard trick of real estate with a guarantee.

UK financial professionals recommend that you follow a few important guidelines to minimize risks. First, you should use the services of trusted companies that are authorized by the Financial Supervisory and Regulatory Authority (FCA). Secondly, you should beware of unverified companies that confidently guarantee you a high income.

Always evaluate the risks associated with the return of invested funds. Get a second opinion from us. On the topic of such investments in parking spaces, warning articles have been written in major British publications: