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An unlikely saviour has presented himself at a time when institutional and part-time investors dread to switch on the TV news each morning. Yes, in a sea of red ink across global markets amid almost unprecedented doom and gloom forecasts, Doctor Doom himself Nouriel Roubini has emerged as the Kon Tiki to cling to as Читать дальше ➝

Over the years, many clients have brought investments in life insurance policies to our attention as these have become popular as alternative investment funds. We have always been skeptical of the payouts and liquidity issues, but now two new court rulings show additional risks are involved. Investor beware! In light of two recent rulings by Читать дальше ➝

According to an article in Bloomberg recently, the put to call ratio on the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) is the highest it has been since January 2009. Currently, there are around 101 puts to every 100 calls on the VIX as traders bet that volatility will fall and the recent rally in stocks will continue. Читать дальше ➝

U.S. equity futures (/ES) soared this morning as the result of deals that were reached among Greek bondholders and European leaders. The bondholders agreed to a 50% haircut, and the rescue fund’s capacity was increased to $1.4T. In The US, investors continue to cheer the third quarter earnings reports and the recent string of stable Читать дальше ➝