Just warming up…

We will start with bit of humor about the industry we are in…

Some (Western) Financial Advisers have always focused on the not so easy job of providing common sense to their clients. Recently, we found a post that took this activity to a new high (or low, depending on how you look at it!). When discussing which documents (in this case, credit card offers) to dispose of in order to minimize identity theft, a dilemma arose:

“Whether you need to shred or simply rip up the offer is a matter of disagreement among advisers though. The priority is making sure someone doesn’t open a card in your name, but since there shouldn’t be any information like your Social Security number on these offers, you probably don’t need to obliterate them into tiny pieces.”

“Offers are good to tear up — I put them in the kitchen trash, around food items,” says Neiser.”

Our poor colleagues are now giving advice on what to mix with your trash. The world is obviously in a more desperate state then we currently realize!

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