Regular Savings Plans

The main objective of any savings program is to provide financial security towards your goals in life. Additionally, savings programs also provide the benefit of insuring you and your family from unforeseen circumstances. It is suitable for those who want to increase their future retirement fund, save for their children’s education and any other major expenses.

Regular savings schemes are financial instruments that combine the elements of constant accumulation and life insurance during employment. Insurance is the primary means of long-term savings, as it provides tax benefits and much greater security than banks can offer.

Savings plan programs are flexible in formation:
You choose the term of the plan, the amount and frequency of funds. Should you pass away during the plan, the necessary contributions will be made by the insurance company before the end of the program.

At the end of the funded program, you can get the accumulated amount in one amount or in the form of periodic payments lifelong further to the right of inheritance.

It is protected from the claims of third parties, as death of a program owner is the insured event and allocation rules of succession in this case do not apply. Multiple heirs can be registered in the contract program. Should you divorce, the accumulation plan is divided between your spouses, even if the contract has been issued after the marriage.

This tool is conservative and is aimed at the formation of a stable future to support yourself and your loved ones in vital situations.

AVC Advisory experts will help you understand all the intricacies of international savings programs and provide access to the most appropriate for your application needs.


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